Mark Huang

Mark Huang

some designer in San Francisco, He/Him

currently designing a better way to access all of Meta technologies, dabbling with openFrameworks, Unity and Warhammer III

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Product Designer at Meta
New York, NY

Cross-Meta Experiences - Access

2022 — 2022
Product Designer at Meta
Menlo Park, CA

Cross-Meta Experiences - Growth

2022 — 2022
Brooklyn, NY

Graphic design studio

2021 — 2022
Lead Product Designer at Stealths
Toronto, ON

Web3 and data scraping startups


Access at Meta

Designing how users create, login, recover and connect accounts on all Meta products (Instagram, Facebook, Horizon, etc.)

PSP Platform at a Big Pharma (NDA)

A remote financial aid delivery system for immunocompromised Canadians who require specialty medication.

Side Projects

Artificial Environments

Trying to play god...


Unified Web3 asset management platform.

Sweetgreen - My Diet

A product proposal, free-to-use platform that enables young professionals to seamlessly discover and gauge potential roommates virtually.


App aiming to revolutionize crime reporting by empowering communities with real-time data sharing.


2021 — 2022
New York, NY

Studied product design and dabbled with creative technologies like GANs, Unity and other things related.

2017 — 2021
Waterloo, ON

Learned how humans interact with computers (degree), earned some academic awards (hackathons, honor roll) and swam a bit for the school (varsity).

Melbourne, VI

Typography, branding and sound design... for half a year.